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      Plywood wooden box


      Plywood box is a kind of wooden packing box made of ordinary board and plywood. Plywood box is applied to machinery, chemical industry, electronics, hardware and other fields due to its flexibility in packing, adaptability and reusability to loadings.

      Plywood box: it is suitable for general packaging, turnover box, logistics packaging, building materials packaging, household electrical appliances packaging, machinery and equipment packaging. The general quality of single box loading is generally less than 2 tons.

      The raw materials of plywood boxes composite board or plywood, the plate is used in all kinds of wood material by high temperature and high pressure sterilization after molding, insects and eggs do not contain manufactured goods, the incoming pest risk is very small, will not cause harm to agriculture and forest resources. Therefore, when this kind of wooden case is used as the export of the packing box, the Customs Department does not require fumigation.

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